Artist's Bio
* * *
As a visual artist, Leigh has worked in numerous media, including watercolors, acrylics, pastels, cray pas, collage, 3-dimensional design and video.  Her paintings are watercolor fantasias, both surreal and pointillistic; her perfectly-scaled (1:12) dollhouse rooms are amazing depictions of serene, miniature decorating.

Leigh is also a photographer whose work documents some of her interests: the blues scene in NYC, large-scale murals, vanity license plates, nature (flowers, clouds, and wetlands), neon signs, and architectural details.  Leigh's photography session with Jonathan Kalb yielded his 2004-05 European tour poster photo, and she took the photographs used on the front and back cover of a spoken-word CD.

Leigh has exhibited her paintings in various art shows, including the Ward-Nasse Gallery's International Salon 1993, and her work has graced the covers and interiors of literary magazines including Medicinal Purposes Literary Review, Soul Fountain, and Asbestos Literary Arts Journal.  Leigh directed a video for Bobby Perfect's instrumental, "14th Street Shuffle," from his CD, "Shackles," which can be viewed on YouTube, or go to "Leigh on YouTube," right here on her website.

Her 9' x 30' mural of characters from children's books decorates the wall of a Queens, NY public school.  Leigh is also a photographer and collagemaker, and -- as a longtime photographer of outdoor murals -- is a strong supporter of public art.