Blue Rhythm Sandwich
Click here to hear BRS on SoundCloud. Leigh sings "Fallin' " and "Jump, Jive, n' Wail," and Bob sings "Flat Foot Sam" and "Just A Little Bit." There's also a blues instrumental entitled "Chicken Shack."  All the tracks were recorded at Stardust Studios in LIC, Queens, NY.
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At Local 269's blues jam sessions, they all met Dave Gerstein (bass) and Lyall Croft (drums), who shared their love for the blues, classic rock, country, pop, R'n'B, and rockabilly.  Several photos here were taken at rehearsals in NYC's AM Rehearsal Studios, in the fall of 2013, shortly after the band formed, UltraSound Studios (2015-2017), or Libra Studios (2017-2018).
Lyall Croft on drums, Dave Gerstein on bass, 2013
Bobby Perfect with his Les Paul, 2013
Leigh Harrison on vocals, 2013
Dave Gerstein on bass, 2013
Lyall Croft on drums, 2013
Bobby Perfect with his Telecaster, 2013
Lyall Croft on drums, 2013
Leigh Harrison on vocals, Bobby Perfect on guitar, 2013
Dave Gerstein on bass, 2013
Blue Rhythm Sandwich (BRS) band members (L to R):
Bobby, Leigh, Lyall, Aaron and Dave.  The photo was taken
by Su Polo during a 2014 gig at Desmond's Tavern in NYC,
with Aaron Comins playing keyboards & saxophone with the band.
Photo credit: Su Polo
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"One Of Those Days"
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"All Mama's Children"
Blue Rhythm Sandwich at Desmond's Tavern, NYC, Feb., 24, 2017 (L to R): Bobby (guitar, Lyall (drums), Dave (bass), Leigh percussion), Aaron (keys).
"That Train Don't Stop Here Anymore"
"Venus" & "For Your Love" (mini-medley)
BLUE RHYTHM SANDWICH coalesced into a band in 2012, out of the NYC blues jam scene.  Leigh Harrison (vocals, guitar, percussion) and Bobby Perfect (guitar, vocals) had been playing as a duo for many years, and had worked together in numerous bands.  Both Leigh and Bob had occasionally played with Aaron Comins (keyboards, sax) during that time.
BLUE RHYTHM SANDWICH consists of (L to R) Dave Gerstein (bass), Leigh Harrison (vocals & percussion), Bobby Perfect (guitar & vocals), and Lyall (drums).  The band is currently on en extended hiatus  (Photo credit: Chris / 2018)
BLUE RHYTHM SANDWICH, performing on November 18, 2017, at The Ivory, in Deep River, CT. (L to R): Dave (bass), Leigh (vocals & percussion), Lyall (drums), and Bob (guitar). (Photo credit: Laura Corning)
Read about one of Leigh's bands, Blue Rhythm Sandwich --
includes bios, photos, video and audio tracks. The band is on extended hiatus currently.
"Red Hot Kisses"
"Cruisin for a Bluesin'..."