Leigh Harrison's chapbook
Parodies / Satires / Humor & Whimsey
published in 1996 by by New Spirit Press.  First edition out of print, but definitely a collectors item.  Second edition now available, with poems in the style of Archibald MacLeisch, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, and others.

Noted American poet X.J. Kennedy wrote "This light-hearted collection is like a dazzling style show ... delectable comic poems, each well worth the price of admission."
My horse and I have stopped to rest
upon the woodland’s fertile crest
and in the frosty air, just now,
have ceased to furrow or to plow

I watch the winter fill the trees
with snow or rain as does he please
and every time the wild bird flies
her flapping wings carve mountain skies

Before I trod upon the earth,
in winters long before my birth,
grebe and linnet soared these woods
though many have not stayed for good

If I could fly above the green
and see the lakes the hawk has seen
and ride the currents toward the sun
where sail the flocks as day is done,

I might then say goodbye to lands
where sparrows wing, where maple stands –
where restless winds have stolen leaves
and wear them on their ruffled sleeves

But here is where the trees stand tall
the tractor and the plow are all –
My horse and I would rather toil
amid this craggy northern soil
"Tour de Farce"
Two sample poems appear below.
A poet should be culpable and cute
As he’s astute,

His golden galleons through words’ thrum,

Sighing, as the careworn bone
Of faceless pledges where satires groan –

A poet should be fearless
At the light of words.

A poet should be potionless yet rhyme
as the tune chimes,

Cleaving, as the dune still pleases
Dig by dig the sight-bejangled seas,

Cleaving, as the loon beyond the summer sheaves,
Mammary by mammary the blind –

A poet should be potionless yet rhyme
As the tune chimes.

A poet should be sequel to:
His view.

For all the mystery that’s brief
An open window and a parting thief.

The squinting eyeglasses and pencils on his knee –

A poet should not be mean
Yet be
" Tour de Farce "
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